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Quests marked by asterisk (*)are side quests and do not have to be solved to finish the game.

This section gives you overview of the quest to let you know, if you miss something, and gives a hint where to got a quest and where to finish it. If you need solution described in detail, see the section Complete solution .

name description where/when to get it where/when to solve it


kill_vermin* Blacksmith Myron asked you to kill giant worm, that is plundering his garden. Reward: 250 gp. Blackmith's shop in Dunghill. Kill giant worm in the garden next to blackmith's shop.
street fight* You've met local roughneck Ukmar. He challenged you to fight. You can win 250 gp by knocking him down. Talk to Ukmar standing in the alley to the west. Defeat Ukmar in duel.
auntie* Woman in dunghill asked you to find her old auntie's cottage in the woods to the south east and present her regards. It would be great if you try to persuade the old woman to move to the town to live with her niece. Talk to a woman in Dunghill, northwest corner. Enter cottage in woods southeast from Dunghill.
brother* You met some man near a tomb entrance in the woods. He's terrified to death. His brother disappeared in the tomb, but he's not brave enough to look for him there. The man was talking about some bone ghosts in the tomb. Talk to man in front of tombs entrance (north end of woods between Dunghill and Nighor). Find man's brother inthe tomb. He's in chamber to the northeast.
hunter's dog* Vorack the hunter asked you to find his dog. The animal got lost near tomb entrance to the northwest from nighor village. Talk to Vorack in Nighor. After the talk find the dog near the tomb's entrance and defeat it. Go back to Vorack.
fire demon* Some woman in Nighor said, that there's a cave with fire breathing demon to the south of the village. This could be interesting. Talk to woman in Nighor. Kill the demon located southwest from Nighor.
messenger* You took a job from some wealthy merchant. He needs you to deliver a letter to his fellow merchant in Dolbrad. You will find the man on market place near city centre. Talk to merchant in Nighor. Talk to merchant on Market place in the Dolbrad.
bet of your life You've bet with bunch of milksops that you will enter the old abandoned graveyard of the city of Dolbrad. Everybody seems to be frightened by rumors about this spooky place. Bring any gold from the royal tomb to a Jolly Goose tavern and win the bet. Starting quest of the game. Get to Jolly Goose tavern in the Dolbrad.
leaving dunghill You woke up in some cellar. Bartender said, that you drunk too much last night and then you attacked some woman's chickens, so people had to lock you up. The animals are scattered throughout the town now. Townfolk agreed to forget about your behavior, if you gather the missing heads back. Talk to bartender. Find six chicken in the Dunghill and take them back to Mathylde.


distant moaning* You heard some distant moaning in the forest. It went from south. maybe you should investigate, what is happening there... You run across it in the forest. Can't miss it. Fight your way through the tree trolls to the young lady on the south end of the forest.
fur coat* Old gypsy complained about coming winter. His old coat came apart and he has no furs to tailor a new one. He will pay you well for bringing him furs from six wolves. Talk to gypsy in the van on the west. Come to gypsy with six wolf furs.
cave spring* Summoner asked you to fill a flagon with underground water for one of his spells or what. Proper spring should be in some cave hidden in the woods to the north. Talk to summoner in the cottage. Find spring in troll cave. It's on the north. Use flagon on it and bring it back to summoner.
fire pit* Monks from forest temple are complaining, that there's pit nearby infested with foul demons. You promised to drive them out. Monks gave you holy water, which can break the demonic power. Just find it's roots and sprinkle them. Talk to monks in temple of Anrak. Find all red circles in the lava pit (which lies east from the temple) and step in them. Then kill fire lord and go back to temple.


wolf hunt* Woodcutters in Aenor's Glen are complaining about wolf pack, that is terrorising them. You can make 500 gp by killing the beasts. Talk to woodcutters in a cottage east fron your starting point. Kill all wolves in the area, the woodcutter take you to.
hidden gold mine* West of the Aenor's Glen lies hidden gold mine. Old miner told you to seek some monk statue in the woods. Maybe you should investigate more. Give orkish brandy to beggar next to Crossbow tavern. Enter the mine.
lazy apprentice* Young druidic apprentice in Aenor's Glen promised to share one of his master's secrets, if you help him to pass some exam. Bring ogla's herbs from ogla's maze lying to the south in Aenor's Glen. Talk to Edwin (northwest corner of the village). Get the ogla's herbs in the maze and bring it to Edwin.
freeing troll* You've met captured troll in Aenor's Glen. He asked you to set him free. Troll explained, that some rocks around here are marked by troll symbols. These rocks can be passed, if you have some weird troll magical item with you. Find a way through rocks and free the troll, if you will. Talk to imprisoned troll (northeast corner of the village). Get to the troll from the other side.
desperate archer* You've met a desperate archer in Aenor's Glen. He's lost some icebear bow while tracing wolves into their lair in the wilderness. Talk to archer (north from Crossbow tavern). Find the bow in wolf's lair and bring it back to the archer.
passing Aenor's Glen You had to bypass flooded river through the mountains and you ended in village of Aenor's Glen. You can't proceed, because the eastern gate is locked in order of captain roland. And the man seems to be lost in mountains. Guard suggested to ask local druid. Talk to watch at the eastern gate. Talk to Roland.
lost captain Druid ogla told you, that you can bring captain roland back, but you need to get his spring stone and take it to the other side of the avalanche that blocks the way. There are some druidic stones on the other side, where you can unloose the magical power to melt the snow. Talk to Ogla the druid. Talk to Roland.


broken lever* You found lever with broken mechanism in upper catacombs. Two gears are missing. You come across the broken lever in upper catacombs. Can't miss it. Find two gears to fix it. One lies in one of the chambers to the north. Second in behind the jamed doors to the east. You got behind the door through lower cattacombs.
lost necklace* You've met moaning zombie on the abandoned graveyard. Corpse didn't attack you. It just cried for some jewelry that was stolen from her by someone called Mad Edward. Talk to moaning zombie in one of the eastern yards. Necklace lies in small tomb occupied by the Mad Edward. The entrance is in the southwest corner near the start of this part of the game.
royal seal Old gravedigger in the graveyard told you, that you need royal seal to open king's tomb. Walking deads broke the thing into four parts and scattered it throughout the tombs. Gravedigger found one part himself, but he won't give it to you until you do some job for him.
errand: kill rats Gravedigger ordered you to kill all rats in his cellar. Talk to gravedigger. Kill all rats in gravedigger's cellar and go back to him.
errand: wine Gravedigger ordered you to bring wine he hid in tomb of knight Ambrius. It should be in the southeast corner of a big hall behind some illusion wall. After the first errand. Find the wine the tomb of Ambrius and bring it to gravedigger.
errand: graves Gravedigger ordered you to burry a few bodies. He left the coffins and the tools in small yard in the northeast corner of the cemetery. After the seconderrand. Find shovel and pick in a small yard in the norteast corner of the graveyard and create the graves. Then go back to gravedigger.
king's tomb You did it! You got into the tomb. Now you have to search the place of king's final rest and look for some proof, that you got there. This will make you win the bet with merchants! After entering the royal tomb. Find the king's sarcophagus.


helping hangman* Hangman want you to find some zombie near his tree, who crops his feet and put an end to this. Talk to hangman located east from temple next to the well. After the talk find a fat dead north from the hangman and kill it.
bell tower* Hangman told you, that key to the bell tower is hidden in a prior's cell behind some fat red book in his library. Talk to hangman after killing the zombie he wanted dead. Find prior's cell and click the red book in the book shelf.
viper staff* You entered cloister underground. Some crazy monks are performing evil rituals here. Unfortunatelly you were disclosed by one of them, but this insidious mongrel hadn't alert anyone yet. Instead he asked you to bring him some viper staff. He's seriously obsessed with that thing. Talk to monk near the level entrance. Bring viper staff to monk from lower level.
call for help* You've heard weak call for help comming through northern wall in second level of the cloister underground. Another guy needing your action to save his neck? You come across the quest. Find imprisoned people. Talk to all of them to release them.
evil cult You enraged king's ghost by your atempt to enter his tomb and he cursed you pretty bad. Now you must stop evil rituals that disturb dead around here to make the king to remove the curse. Rituals take place in ruined cloister to the north. Get to the tomb of the King and enter the place of his eternal rest. Kill master of the evil cult.
entering cloister Way to cloister is sealed but king ordered you to go to the archer's statue north from his tomb. He'll open some way in for you. Talk to undead king near the entrance of the royal tomb. Get into cloister through spider tunnel.
the crypt There's an entrance to the underground through the crypt under the temple in the ruined cloister. You have to find one special statue in the temple - it has a nipple, which can be pressed and turns the statue. You should turn it to south. Read book about the crypt entrance in the library. Enter the cloister underground.


rats in sewers* Sewage worker on the small square asked you to clean up city sewers out of rats. The beasts grew up to a terrible size this year. Talk to sewage worker on the Small square. Kill all rats in the sewers. Return to sewage worker.
missing boy* Desperate woman near the city park is looking for the lost son. Will you help her? Talk to woman on the west end near the city park wall. Find the boy in the southwest corner of the city park.
alchemist* You've met an alchemist south from Mad Dwarf pub. The man stays outside his house, because he played with some summoning spell and now he has big angry demon in the cellar. You promissed to look at it. Talk to alchemist on the east end of the city. Enter alchemist's house and kill the demon in the cellar. Talk to alchemist again.
adventurer* Some looser, who sells apples near the city zoo, told you, that he wants to be a great hero. He said he can't become one, because he does not have proper hardware. He apparently envy axe owned by a guy named rimbrock, who often shows his face in Mad Dwarf pub. Maybe you can get the axe for the looser. Talk to apple merchant near the city zoo. Bring Rimbrock's axe to the merchant.
paying debts* Duncan the blacksmith is really angry. Someone called Rimbrock bought an axe from him, but haven't paid the debt. Talk to Duncan in Duncan's axes. Find Rimbrock in Mad Dwarf pub. You have to have "adventurer" quest to do that. Kill Rimbrock and get back to Duncan.
befert hermit* Shop called Hermit's eden was spoilt. Big reward will be paid to anyone, who helps to find the lost ware. Read note column near Duncan's axes several times. Find the ware in the southeast corner of the city and then report it in Hermit's eden.
princess* A lady living in a big house on the market place has lost her lovely poodle princess. Reward to anyone, who finds the dog. Read note column near Duncan's axes several times. Find the dog in city sewers.
retired gladiator* Old gladiator razzik told you, that he's slave to a treacherous promoter Khumrac. With Razzik's reference you can duel in city arena, so you have a chance to kick Khumrac's buttocks and win a reward. Talk to Razzik. Talk to Khumrac and then kill all his pets in the arena. Then ask Khumrack for Razzik's freedom and bring Khumrack's scroll to Razzik.
smugglers You must flee from the city of Dolbrad, but you can't use guarded city gate. Merchants in the tavern suggested to contact local smuggler gang, who has the residence in a smal alley south west from Jolly Goose tavern. The password should be ropedancer. Talk to merchants in Jolly Goose tavern Find secret residence of smugglers in the alley near the Jolly Goose tavern and talk to their boss. Then do all the jobs he orders you.
ransom You have to collect ransom from five places in the city. They are marked in your map by the red crosses. Say 'yes' to work offer from the smugglers. Collect ransom from 5 places around the city.
tournament Local gangs of smugglers, assassins and lizardmen used to compete in illegal tournaments. Each gang sends a team into city sewer with ring as a gang sign. Team, which returns with all three rings, wins. You have to win for your gang. After finishing the first task from smugglers. Kill assassin team in the sewers (tey are to the east) and kill lizardmen team (southwest corner). Bring two rings back to the smugglers.
competition New gang settled down in a house near the duncan's axes. Destroy the competition. After finishing the second task from smugglers. Find way into the house and get their boss.
new warehouse Your gang bought old unoccupied house located in south west corner of the city and neighbouring the city park. They want it to be a warehouse, but some supernatural activity prevents that. Solve the problem. After finishing the third task from smugglers.
house of horror You followed orders of your boss and entered a long abandoned house, that he want to change into a new warehouse. You soon realized, that this house contains some dark mystery and tortured ghosts, who won't gave up their tomb easily. Enter the abandoned house. Kill the duke Falstad, whose ghost is nested in the house.
magic mirror You found strange mirror in the cursed house. You should ask about it someone more experienced in magic. Find mirror in the haunted house. Talk to alchemist.
seeker The old alchemist suggested, that mirror can be a portal. He will create a seeker for you - enchanted animal, which will allow you to pass the portal. just bring him black cat and root of a man-eating plant. Talk to alchemist about mirror in the haunted house. Bring black cat and root of a man-eating plant to alchemist.
magic circle You found magic circle in the dungeon under the cursed house. You traced it to the paper, so you can show it to someone, who can recognize it. Step into a red circle in the dungeon of the haunted house. Bring scheme to alchemist.
blood link Magic circle is part of a bounding spell between necromancer and his victim. This spell prevents necromancer's soul to die as long, as the victim lives. Bring personal thing of a victim to the alchemist. He'll charm it to allow you to find necromancer with it. Show scheme to alchemist. Bring duke's ring to alchemist. Then go to dungeon of the haunted house and step into red circle. Each time a new circle will appear until you find the crack to necromancers cell.
duke of horror You revived necromancer and he explained the curse he imposed on a duke, who lived in the house. The duke's immortality ends on an astral plane between world of living and dead. You have to find gate to the plane. Necromancer told you to "follow blood in duke's study room". Find necromancer in the dungeon. Find the bleeding picture in the duke's study room.
killing immortal Duke's immortal body spreads roots of it's power throughout the astral plane. Destroy nests of the power - the glowing crystals, to bring physical body of the duke here and make him mortal again. Then kill him. You get this one after you enter the astral plane. Destroy all power crystals and then kill the duke.
outlaw You got away from the evil cult, but not for long. These lunatics were connected to official church through person of archbishop's brother, who seems to was a leader of the cult. Now you are charged with his murder and so you've become the most wanted outlaw. Entering the port of Dolbrad Leaving the port of Dolbrad

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